Bog Cottage:
‘Life in the Community’
Collection of work featured in Bog Cottage: ’Life in the Community’. Exhibited at both the Hyde Bridge Gallery, Co. Sligo and Periphery Space, Gorey, Co. Wexford.

Images from left to right:

1. ‘Terracotta fairy whistle ii’

2. ‘Self portrait ii’

3. ‘Culchie mountain’

4. ‘Happy Slab’

5. ‘Kian sa leaba’

6. ‘Spooky face whistle’

7. ‘Terracotta fairy whistle i’
Life in the Community is a look back on two years of living and art making in Co. Sligo. Artists and best-friends Roberta Murray and Kian Benson Bailes reunited to join Dublin-born outsider artist Orla Meagher to create Bog Cottage Collective. The collective is named after the place and cottage where the artists lived on their return to Connacht.

Life in the Community is a collaboration, combining painting, sculpture, weaving, ceramics, drawing, audio and video work.

Life in the Community is: play, rural, sex, drinking, landscape, idols, cars, mountains, trees, wolves, Sligo, friendship, cooking, flirting, fighting, weaving, art, knitting, messaging, matriarchy, renaissance, kinship, community, love, hive mind, spirituality, DIY, gay shit, kisses.

Eimear Walshe’s The Land Question and The Land for the People and Iarlaith Ni Fheorais’s Turlough Invagination and Táim ag imeacht are exhibiting at the invitation of Bog Cottage.

Photos coutesy of Bog Cottage Collective & Brian Kinsella